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Academy Teacher Team & Schedule:

Teacher's NameC. Folsom
Course(s) TaughtComm Tech 1
Period Taught2
C. Folsom
Comm Tech 2
C. Folsom
Comm Tech 3
1, 4
C. Folsom
Comm Tech 4
1, 4
D. Rodriguez
Eng Honors 1

Eng Honors 2

P. Hicks
Eng Honors 3

S. Cruz
Eng Honors 4

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Standard 1: Integrated Curriculum / Projects

Curriculum In Action:
Contest Posters Contest Posters.jpg Benefit Posters Benefit poster.jpg
Curriculum In Action:
Club Shirt Production Club shirt production.jpg
Standard 2: Career Focus
Grade 9:Express Printing Field Trip
Print Association of Florida (PAF) Design Competition
Technetium Guest Speaker
Full Sail University Guest Speaker

Grade 10:
Express Printing Field Trip
American Advertising Federation (AAF) Design Competition
Technetium Guest Speaker
Full Sail University Guest Speaker

Grade 11:
Express Printing Field Trip
GAERF Design Competition
Technetium Guest Speaker
Full Sail University Guest Speaker

Grade 12:
Express Printing Field Trip
West Volusia Hospital Authority Brochure Job
Technetium Guest Speaker
Full Sail University Guest Speaker
Standard 3: Program of Study
The Academy of Graphic Arts and Design is a career based program designed to give students the chance to explore careers in the areas of Graphic Arts Technology including: Offset Printing, Technical Writing, Business Systems, Web and Digital Design. Students will have the opportunity to certify in the Adobe Creative Suite of programs.

Students apply for acceptance into this program as incoming freshmen and must meet admission criteria. Applications can be obtained from middle school counselors, the Academy School Counselor, Academy Director, the Career Connection XE “Career Connection” Facilitator, or from the school website.

A limited number of applicants will be accepted into the program. Qualified late applicants will be placed on a waiting list until possible program openings become available.

*For more information regarding the program, please contact:
Chris Folsom, (Academy Director) or call 386-575-4153 ext. 44079
Standard 4: Advisory Committee
Chris Folsom - Director
Ron Baugh - Business Partner (Express Printing)
Joe Forgét - Business Partner (Technetium)
Nick Pizza - Internship (Nick Pizza Inc.)

Provided feedback on classroom layout and structure, project focus and strengths and weaknesses of current job force and how the academy might address these issues with our students.
Standard 5: Enrollment
9th - 26/42%
10th - 16/19%
11th - 25/44%
12th - 16/25%

total - 79/35%
Standard 6: Pure Schedule
Data pulled by District
Standard 7: Common Planning / Collaboration
Most of the communication is done through email. We are looking into having a meeting time for all core teachers and the academy teachers as the academies share the same core teachers. Structured coursework to integrate with English curriculum.
Standard 8: Staff Development
Academy Director attended all Director workshops for the 2014-15 school year.
Worked with Clai Parker on curriculum, academy plan development and EOC test development.
Member of industry organizations.
Attended Academy Director - Business Cadre Retreat
Standard 9: Articulation
DHS Fall Showcase, Volusia County HS & DHS Winter Showcases
Parent Night
8th Grade Registration
Standard 10: Workbased Learning
Button Job for Spruce Creek High School.
Poster production for various club fundraisers.
Brochure job for West Volusia Hospital Authority.
PAF, AAF Logo & GAERF Print Awards contest.
Nick Pizza Automotive Direct Mail work study.
Standard 11: Capstone Project
Grade 9:
ACA Indesign Certification: 26
8 Page Product Catalog (4th 9-Weeks)

Grade 10:
ACA Illustrator Certification: 18
Product Design Rendering & Package Program (4th 9-Weeks)

Grade 11:
ACA Photoshop Certification: 9
ACA Indesign Certification: 14
Steampunk Composite Illustration & Magazine Cover (4th 9-Weeks)

Grade 12:
Portfolio & Self-Promotion Campaign (4th 9-Weeks)

Establishing Summer Internships for Post 11th Grade Academy Students with Business Partners.
Standard 12: Marketing
Academy Logo
Academy Board and Showcases
Academy T-Shirts
Academy Parent Mailer
Academy Shirt.jpgIMG_1154.JPG
Final Evaluation: